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As a travel agent you probably have your own web site that lists all your holidays, flights, etc. But how are you ranked on search engines under each holiday destination - the answer is obvious, no matter who you are, including the larger online travel web sites you can't be on top of major search engines under every holiday destination that you sell. This is where the travel agent software helps you, as all we have done is create web sites for specific holiday destinations and make then rank highly on major search engines only under those holiday destinations.

How does travel agent software work ?

Very easily - All you do is sign up for the holiday destinations you are interested in and then post your holidays on that web site. The travel agent software enable you to get enquiries direct as the travel agent software is only an enquiry engine, giving you enquiries that you can then convert to sales.

Our destinations are growing rapidly and we aim to have over 50 travel web sites for over 50 specific destinations all ranked high on major search engines. We currently have a special offer if you sign up for all the sites you only pay a fixed monthly fee and as our sites expand you cost remains the same giving you access to even more global destinations.

For further information please visit www.travel-advertising.com


When you sign up to the travel agent software you get:

  • A fully hosted holiday software solution with free technical support
  • registration for free
  • a free 3 month trial
  • modify profile
  • upload logo select
  • add/edit/view holidays with pictures
  • add/edit/view specific holiday packages for seasons
  • search/consult holidays posted
  • agent support

The facility users get when using the travel agent software:

  • holidaymail (daily or weekly new holidays notification)
  • search/view holidays
  • enquire online for a holiday
  • holidayseeker support

At present we only have the travel agent software for the following destinations or holiday types:

















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